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There are about 13 verified PAN centres in Gurgaon. Ensure that the place you are visiting is through a verified source. Cross check with neighbours or partners who may have already gone through the process. Most centres will have TIN FC codes. Check to see whether the consultant you have chosen has a TIN FC code for their centre. There are centres in Hansi, Chakarpur, Sohana Chowk, etc. Research online and contact the offices before fixing an appointment. You can go to any of the PAN offices in Gurgaon which is nearest to your location and approach the staff that will help you through the process. Authorized by the government, the centres can be contacted for application of PAN card as well as changes in existing PAN card by adhering to a systematic step by step process. This includes filling form with required information including name, date of birth, contact details as well as providing relevant documents for verification like photographs, address proof and identity proof. After the successful verification and processing of the applications, the PAN is dispatched within a period of 15 days. Using this card, that displays the 10-digit alphanumeric PAN number, individuals and companies can undertake financial transactions and investments in property or securities without any hassle. Applicants can also approach the centre in case of any grievance related to any printing error or any additions in the card. It is advisable to thoroughly read the instructions given in the form to avoid any confusion.

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Total Branch : 1
Branch ID Contact PersonAddressEmail
AL21950Khazan SinghShivam Stationary
VPO Bhora kalan
Near Dhani Kewal Ki, TEH. Pataudi
Std Code :124
Mob 9990399880


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