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PVC Card Printer

Alankit undertakes the sale and distribution of PVC Card Printers. Interested organizations or individuals may place orders for the SD 360 Printers. These printers are useful for printing all kind of plastic cards such as, Voter ID Cards, Health Cards, Driver’s Licenses, Membership Cards, Payment Cards, Employee ID Cards, Loyalty Cards and Visiting Cards.

Key Features:
  • Cost effective
  • Superior speed for higher productivity
  • Secures credentials using automatic two-sided printing
  • High-quality Imaging
  • Easy printing operation and set-up

Frequently Asked Questions About PVC-CARD-PRINTER

One can print ID cards on regular or relatively heavier paper stock using a laser or ink-jet printer. Once printed, the ID cards can be placed in badge holders or laminated for longer durability. In case of plastic cards (PVC cards), there is a need for a PVC card printer for printing and delivering better results.
A PVC card printer that prints magnetic stripes is required to print a magnetic stripe ID card.

Card printers come with varied structural and functional features, and for a purchase one needs to aware of the following:

  • A need for printing colored ID Cards
  • The need to print the magnetic stripes
  • The need to print on both sides of the ID card
  • The resolution required and the resolution supported by the particular printer
  • The duration for printing a card
ID cards come in varying sizes depending on their application. The most commonly used size is CR80, the size of a standard credit card. Most card printers support any of the standard sizes.
Colored cards are relatively more expensive as they need color ribbons and cartridges. For a single card, a colored version costs 5 to 10 times more to produce than a regular monochrome card.
Yes, it is possible to print barcodes with PVC printers.
Yes, it is possible and generally available as an optional feature.
As PVC card printers and their supplies are not available in office supply stores, one can get them from specific authorized dealers like Alankit.
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