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Rise of Financial Apps Opportunity or Threat
Jun 27, 2022 Alankit

India has come a long way from being a cash-concentrated economy to an economy with the second-highest fintech adoption rate in the world. As a result, finance apps have bee.....

Re-Thinking the Concept of Money
May 21, 2022 Alankit

Currently, technologies like Blockchain are presaging quite a revolution with their existence by putting a question mark on the BFS Industrys traditional economic value acce.....

Investors Make a Beeline for B2B FinTech Startups
Apr 19, 2022 Alankit

In recent times, investors are increasingly looking at getting the fundamental metrics right like profitability, unit-level of economics, customer acquisition cost, and are .....

India Outpaces the World in Digital Payments
Mar 24, 2022 Alankit

On the off chance that the pandemic rushed the reception of digital payments in 2020, 2021 was the year that digital payments went genuinely mainstream. Online payments dram.....

Transformation Key to the Industry Future
Feb 28, 2022 Alankit

While it is clear that augmented use of technology is the way forward for banks, several qualms about execution remain. To be most effective, banks and financial institution.....

The Fintech Trends to Follow in 2022
Jan 20, 2022 Alankit

The FinTech industry has developed undeviatingly in the past decade, but the past year has arguably seen more innovation in the sector than ever before. For a start, global .....

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