Alankit is proud to be an empanelled member of the Embassy of the State of Qatar , New Delhi
Alankit is proud to be an empanelled member of the Embassy of the State of Qatar , New Delhi
Alankit is proud to be an empanelled member of the Embassy of the State of Qatar , New Delhi
Alankit is proud to be an empanelled member of the Embassy of the State of Qatar , New Delhi
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Your Personalised Health Insurance Now Got Easier

Nov 03, 2021 Alankit

As in the growing era, we all are occupied with hectic scheduled lifestyles and have developed unhealthy eating habits, which is resulting in the rise of the number of unhealthy or sick people relying majorly on medical help. With the sky rocketing medical expenses, it has become difficult for a common man to bear the economic distress in a medical emergency. That is why a health insurance has gradually become an integral part of our survival to safeguard oneself against the expensive medical assistance.

The family health plan comes with an advantage, as you dont have to take separate health policies for your family members but in fact, this offers medical coverage for your family members including parents, spouse and offspring in a single insurance policy.

For any person, the health security of their family is of paramount importance. A family health insurance plan ensures that your loved ones are financially secure during medical contingencies.

Even though, insurance companies offer a health insurance cover, a Third Party Administrator (TPA) helps you to restore issues related to medical insurance claims. Hence, whenever any individual is admitted to a health facility intimation of the same is given to the TPA.

Lets get some extra insights about the role of the health insurance policy TPA to have a better understanding of how a Third Party Administrator works and what are the benefits of having one.

A health plan Third Party Administrator (TPA) is a body that undertakes insurance claims admissible under the mediclaim policy. In general, these administrators are unbiased and also act as an entity belonging to the insurer.

Over time, the number of insurers, health policies sold, types of health products, and the buyers increased in considerable fraction, resulting in making it tricky to keep a track of what did not convert into quality services. Hence to reduce the errors, TPA (Third Party Administrators) was introduced for the better delivery of health insurance policies and related responsibilities. Since then, TPA is responsible for:

  • High-Quality Consistent Services
  • Processing Voluminous Health Insurance Claims

At the time when you are focused on the treatment of your dear ones, the Third Party Administrator (TPA) will take care of the hospital bills and other expenses.

Every insurance company appoints a TPA for your service. You don’t have to pay directly to the executive. A TPA can either finalise a cashless claim settlement or refund it.

For an insured, the connection will always be between them and the insurer only. In short we can summarise that TPA is responsible for:

  • Share the knowledge of healthcare services
  • Improvise the quality of services
  • Manage and investigate the claims
  • Observe the cashless and reimbursement TAT (Turn Around Time)

TPA plays a vital role in the processing of health insurance claims and amongst these is the issuance of health cards to the insured. A validation procedure is carried for every policy issued to the policyholder, and it is accomplished by issuing an authorized health card. This card reflects the detail of the policy number and the TPA which is held responsible for processing the claims.

The policy rendered through Third Party Administrator inhibits various benefits:

  • The family coverage:
    Health insurance plans for the family to cover all the family members in a single plan, including you, your spouse, dependent children, dependent parents and even dependent parents-in-law. So, family health policy is your one-stop solution for all your family members medical needs.
  • Affordable premiums:
    The amount paid for the premium is affordable compared to the premium paid individually for each member.
  • High coverage returns:
    The amount insured under the family health policy can be used entirely by any family member who falls sick. Each family member has complete access to the sum insured and can take benefit of high coverage.
  • Comprehensive cover:
    Every plan offers different coverage benefits and you can compare and choose a plan which suits the needs and has the dynamic coverage features.
  • Easy addition of new members:
    A family health plan provides the convenience of adding new family members including childbirth or spouse. You can easily avail the coverage in the middle of your policy term, depending on the terms and conditions provided in the policy.
  • Tax benefits:
    Not only takes care of your family but allows you to get tax benefits as well.

At Alankit we endeavour to contribute our best towards providing quality services with world-class health practices and benefits as per the industry standards. Our state of-the-art technology, in-house software managed by professional tech-masters, dedicated workforce, and continuous innovative techniques, all contribute to Alankits achievements in this segment. If you are interested in knowing which health plan would work for you please Click Here.

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