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Salaried Employees-ITR Filing and Benefits

Oct 11, 2021 Alankit

Are you a salary taker- then learn why should you file an ITR and avail its benefits Have you ever wondered why you should file an ITR or what benefits a salaried employee could inculcate from filing it

Well, Income tax is the annual tax against the income you generate in terms of salary, and we are here to introduce you to the reasons why even if you fall or don’t fall under the category of ITR filing, you should file it, because it is not only an important document, but it inculcates various benefits

Hassle-free loan processing

ITR filing is an essential process for you if you are planning to take up a loan (be it personal, car, or home loan.) It does not include mortgage but ITR filing results in proof of your income made in a year and henceforth is recognised by the lenders. this will make it an important and beneficial document to make the loan process hassle-free.


Filing an income tax return helps you in getting refunds on the tax that is more than your tax liability. So, if you file the income tax return, you can generate the income tax refund.

Travel & Credit Applications

Whether you like to travel or get a credit card, your income tax return has got you covered. The visa issuer or credit card lender will always demand your ITR to assess your eligibility for the services.

Legal Proof

Your income tax return can be your legal proof regarding your resident and Aadhaar check. The statement is approved by every government body and removes the hindrance of presenting your legality.

The income tax filing can be rendered through various services

  • e-Paper form
  • e-Filing
  • Bar Code paper return

With Alankit avail these benefits and hassle-free services, so you could lessen your tax liabilities to an ample extent. So, before you begin submitting your Income tax returns for the financial year, make sure that you have got a complete idea about all the relevant ITR services and benefits that you may avail for your tax bills.

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