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PVC Printer The Answer to Your Need

Dec 04, 2021 Alankit

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a known synonym used for plastic, which is a durable and strong enough to enable a smooth and hassle-free printing through ID cards printers. Its cost-effective and professional quality makes it a perfect choice to empower ones business.

PVC card printer is also known as ID card printer, uses number of methods to transfer the design on the PVC card including:

  • Dye Sublimation
    Dye sublimation is most commonly used with color PVC card printers. It is the favourable method of ID card printing, thanks to its easy learning process, low initial investment, and wide range of products that are already prepared for sublimation
  • Reverse Transfer
    PVC Card printers use reverse transfer to ensure high image quality with security against any image alteration that exists otherwise.

Both the methods are used in printing ID cards; now let us understand the difference between the two:

Production of over-the-edge printed cards No Yes
Print of access control cards No Yes
Handle high-definition photos & graphics No Yes
Be easily duplicated or tampered with Yes No
Withstand wear & tear No Yes
Providing highly secure form of identification No Yes

If you are looking forward to buy ID card printers for your business then this chart will help you analyse the best suitable type of printer you are looking forward at a nominal price.

In these days, creating ID cards have become a more seamless and cost-friendly process with the PVC ID card printers. These printers make printing easy while availing the effect of durability and other benefits including:

  • Image Quality
  • Security
  • Durability
  • Professionalism

Installation of thePVC ID cards printer in the office is an ideal choice of one time investment to save the company from lapsing extra time, resources and energy that they would have spent while waiting for a third party to fulfil their printing needs. In conclusion, getting an ID card printer for the same will be an efficient decision that the company would make.

At Alankit, we deliver the best ever quality in our ID card printers to endeavour for perfection as our Solid 510D is the actual essence of the card printers because of the following reasons:

  • High Print Speed
  • Enhanced FINE Imaging Technology
  • 300, 600 & 1200 dpi Printing Resolution
  • New Input Hopper
  • Removable Output Hopper
  • Support of Transparent Cards
  • Support of CR79 Cards
  • Front-Side Mag Encoding
  • All-in-One Type Lock System

For bulk orders and pricing related queries you can contact us at www.alankit.com

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