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How to download your e-pan card and How to check pan card status in 2022?

Dec 29, 2021 Alankit

Forgot your PAN and need to file an urgent document? Relax you e-PAN Card has got your back. The e-PAN Card works same as your physical PAN Card and helps you make a large number of transactions easily along with filing your ITR.

The PAN Card is a ten digit alpha-numeric number issued to all taxpayers in India. It consists of all tax related information of a person/company and acts as a primary key for storage of information. Every PAN holds the information of the entitled individual only; hence no two tax paying entities can have the same PAN.

Who can apply for an e-PAN Card?

If you are looking forward to apply for e-PAN Card then you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be an Indian resident
  • You must be an individual taxpayer
  • You must have an Aadhaar Card
  • You must have an active mobile number linked with your Aadhaar
  • Your Aadhaar must have your updated and correct details

How to check the status of PAN Card?

Below are the steps to make it easy for an individual to check the status of PAN Card application.

  • Mention your application number/ allotment number/ acknowledgement number
  • Mention your Date of Birth
  • Insert Captcha
  • Hit the submit button
  • Check your PAN Card application status

How to download e-PAN Card?

There are two ways to download e-PAN Card

  • Through Acknowledgement Number
  • Through PAN Number

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Download e-PAN Card through Acknowledgement Number

  • Enter the acknowledgement number
  • Enter ‘Date of Birth’
  • Write the captcha code
  • Click on submit
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered email address or mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and submit
  • Download Your e-PAN Card

Download e-PAN Card through PAN number

  • Enter the PAN and Aadhaar number
  • Provide the applicant’s date of birth
  • Add GSTN number (if provided)
  • Tick the guidelines
  • Enter the Captcha
  • Click on Submit
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered email address or mobile number
  • Download e-PAN Card

Why does one need a PAN Card?

The unique ten digit alpha numeric number enables each tax paying entity of India with the following services:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Filing of ITR
  • Registration of business
  • Financial transactions
  • Eligible to open and operate bank accounts
  • Phone connection
  • Gas connection
  • Mutual funds investment

How to make corrections in PAN Card?

Below are the listed steps one needs to follow if they are looking forward to make changes or correction in their PAN Card.

  • Under the section of services- click on PAN
  • Scroll down and under ‘change/correction in PAN data’, click on apply
  • Under application type- select changes/correction in PAN data
  • Enter the changed details
  • Click on submit
  • You will get a token number which you can use later for tracking purposes
  • Once the changes are incorporated, the new PAN card will be dispatched to the individual’s communication address within 15 days

If you still have any issues with the status check, download or correction of your PAN, we are here to help. As Alankit is your unified platform for all the services you seek under PAN. We are a known brand in the market for rendering years of valuable services in the field of PAN, helping in revolutionizing the process with seamless effect.

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