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Documents Required For Digital Signature

Apr 30, 2019 Alankit

A digital signature certificate or DSC, which is issued only by a Certified Authority, is a digital key that authenticates identity of individuals and businesses holding the certificate, to ensure security and authenticity of documents filed online. To obtain the DSC, the applicants must submit a duly-filled digital signature form. The digital signature certificate contains information like user’s name, country, email-id, date of issuance of certificate and name of the certifying authority.

Digital signatures can be created and obtained from digital signature certificate providers. One of the prominent and leading service providers for digital signatures in India is Verasys Technologies, a subsidiary company of Alankit Limited which is an over two decade old e-Governance service provider. The company facilitates the digital signature application & all related procedures for issuing digital signatures based on Aadhaar e-KYC.

What are the documents required?

The Class 2 DSC is issued for business personnel and private individuals, and used for submitting various forms with the Government of India. To obtain this DSC, the applicants are required to submit necessary documents along with the digital signature form to the service provider. The type of documents varies depending on the applicant type:

Indian Individuals

Individuals who are Indian citizens are required to furnish any of the following documents as proof of identity:

  • Passport; PAN card; driving license; Post Office ID Card; Bank Account Passbook containing photograph and signed by an individual with attestation by the concerned Bank official; Photo ID card issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Centre/State Governments; or any Government issued Photo ID card bearing the individual’s signatures

For Proof of Address, they need to submit any of the following documents:

  • Aadhaar Card; Voter ID Card; Driving Licence (DL)/Registration Certificate (RC); water bill or electricity bill (not older than 3 months); latest Bank Statements signed by the bank; Service Tax/ VAT Tax/ Sales Tax registration certificate; or Property Tax/ Corporation/ Municipal Corporation Receipt

Indian Organisation

All organisations viz. company, partnership, proprietorship, AOP/BOI, LLP, NGO/Trust can provide the following documents along with the digital signature form:

  • (i) Copy of applicant’s organisational ID card / letter from organization / pay slip
  • (ii) Authorized signatory organisational ID Card / Self-attested letter of organisational identity
  • (iii) Copy of Bank Statement (First 2 Pages)
  • (iv) Copy of last Income Tax Return / Audit Report & Annual Return / Self Affidavit with reason, if not available (first 2 pages)
  • (v) Copy of Incorporation/Registration Certificate - except by partnership or proprietorship companies
  • (vi) AOA & MOA / Rules / Bye laws (First 2 Pages) - except by partnership or proprietorship companies
  • Proprietorship firm can provide a Copy of Business Registration Certificate (S&E / ST / VAT). All companies, except Proprietorship, can provide copy of organisational pan card.

    Foreign Individuals

    Individuals who are foreign nationals must submit an attested copy of any of these documents as identity proof:

    • (i) Applicant Passport
    • (ii) VISA (If applicant is out of native country)
    • (iii) Resident Permit certificate (If applicant is in India)

    As Address Proof, they can furnish an attested copy Applicant Passport or any other Government issued Address Proof.

    Foreign Organisation

    For identity proof, Foreign Organisation must mandatorily attested copies of:

    • (i) Applicant Passport
    • (ii) VISA (If applicant is out of native country)
    • (iii) Resident Permit certificate (If applicant is in India)

    For address proof, they should furnish an attested copy for both Applicant Passport and any other Government issued Address Proof, while submitting their digital signature form.

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