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Download PAN card correction form

Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is one of the most important documents nowadays, issued by the Income tax Department in electronic format. Having a PAN card is must for every Indian citizen. Considering the regular need of Pan Card, many people are used to carrying it with them and therefore, the chances of wear and tear or even loss etc. are pretty common. However, it’s always better to take early prevention, nevertheless, getting any required corrections/ changes or even reissuing of the Pan Card is an easy and swift procedure, saving a lot of time and energy.

When to apply for PAN card correction

There are a number of errors that may be present in the Pan Card of an individual. Usually, it has been observed that the most common blunder is spelling mistakes in name, date of birth, change in contact address, to name a few. Some of us, might consider it a small errors and feel these details are not that important. But this misconception can create a big problem later or could have a serious effect in further documentation or bank related process. Hence, it is sensible to have them corrected as soon as possible. This can easily be done by utilizing the same PAN application form and providing the correct yet appropriate information. The pan card change form should be completely filled clearly and the boxes which need changes to be done should also be ticked right. Once uploaded, these changes will be executed and the modifications done will be reflected on the other site, despite the Permanent Account Number remaining the same. An updated PAN card details will then be shown and allotted to the applicant, with the same Permanent Account Number.

How to get PAN card details corrected easily

In case any applicant wishes to make any changes or correction in the Pan Card’s information, they will need to follow a set procedure to get it done. Given below are all the steps that an applicant has to follow:

  1. One must fill the required forms and post them to Alankit's office with all the required supporting documents attached. Download the PAN card correction form.
  2. Then, our professional executives collect, review the same and go ahead to submit the individual’s application to the PAN Department.
  3. The person shall receive an acknowledgment slip from our team after the submission is done.
  4. Alankit conducts the essential follow-ups with the PAN department then as required.
  5. And finally, the person duly receives their PAN Card within a usual time-period of approx. 15-20 business days.

Documents required for PAN card correction/change

Rectifying any details in the current PAN card or applying for a replica of the Pan Card due to any case of loss or misplacing or even theft requires the applicant to submit the relevant documents to support their pan card correction application form. The required documents vary, depending on if it is for an individual or company or corporate group or any other professional entity, which is applying and the applicant’s nationality.

Documents for Indian Individuals and Hindu Undivided Families

Any Indian person or HUF applying to make changes in the current details in their Pan Card has to submit:

  1. A valid government approved ID proof copy (either Aadhaar Card or Driving License or Passport, etc.)
  2. Valid address proof copy (DL, utility bill, domicile certificate, etc.)
  3. A valid proof of date of birth (Voter ID card, DL, passport, etc.)
  4. The individual applicants should also provide two passport size photographs with their application.

Business Enterprises or companies having their office in India

Companies and other corporate entities having their running office in India have to provide -

  1. Their copy of registration allotted by any competent authority as their ID proof.
  2. Address proof so as to make changes in their PAN.

Business Enterprises or companies having their office only outside India

Such type of corporate entities having no offices in India have to provide -

  1. Their registration certificate copy which has been allotted in their respective country of given location and also being duly attested by the Indian Embassy/High Commission or any of the authorized officers.
  2. They are also required to provide their registration certificate copy as sanctioned or allotted by any valid Indian authority.

Documents required for Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens (residing in India or outside) are needed to provide a valid ID and address proof to sustain their application. It can either be their citizenship identification number or passport copy or copy of PIO card, etc.

Other foreign entities (apart from individuals)

Such entities have to provide a valid ID and address proof both that can either be their respective registration certificate (allotted in the country of applicant) or the Embassy in that country or by the Indian High Commission. The registration certificate copy as sanctioned by the local Indian authorities is also needed to be submitted.

Download PAN card correction form


What are the guidelines for filling pan card correction form online through Alankit?

The PAN is mandatory for all existing taxpayers and persons for filing of income tax returns, and for all correspondences with the income tax authorities. The PAN is also required to be quoted by persons entering into financial transactions that are notified by the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

  • - One must fill the required forms and post them to our office with all the required supporting documents attached.
  • - Then, our professional executives collect, review the same and go ahead to submit the individual’s application to the PAN Department.
  • - The person shall receive an acknowledgment slip from our team after the submission is done
  • - Alankit conducts the essential follow-ups with the PAN department then as required.
  • - And finally, the person duly receives their PAN Card within a usual time-period of approx. 15-20 business days.

How much does it cost for a Pan Card correction or revision, what’s the charge?

Revision or any kind of change in PAN card or reprint of PAN card costs between Rs107 - Rs. 120 (all inclusive) for Indians and around Rs. 1,040 for residing outside India.

What is the fee for correction in PAN card?

Individuals and entities who are submitting applications for making changes or corrections in existing PAN card are required to pay a fee as processing charges to the government. The fees vary depending on the applicants’ communication address. It ranges from Rs 107 to Rs 120 (all inclusive) for applicants in India. Since individuals and entities residing outside India as well as foreign passport holders can also apply for a PAN card for carrying out financial transactions in India, such applicants are required to pay a fee of Rs. 1,040. The charges are inclusive of the application fee, dispatch charges and GST. PAN card holders can use various payment modes such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards or Net Banking. Overseas applicants also need to pay additional conversion or exchange charges imposed by banks.

How can I change my PAN card category?

The Permanent Account Number is a 10-digit number allotted to taxpayers and comprises of unique combination of numbers and alphabets. For example in the PAN structure AAAPL1234C, the first three characters are alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ. The fourth character represents the status of the PAN holder. The fifth character is the first character of the PAN holder’s last name/ surname. The next four characters is a sequential number running from 0001 to 9999. The last character is an alphabetic check digit. During the application process, the PAN applicants are required to select the category they belong to namely Individual, Association of Persons, Body of Individuals, Company, Trust, Limited Liability Partnership, Firm, Government, Hindu Undivided Family, Artificial Juridical Person and Local Authority. Change in PAN card category can be done through both online and offline method involving filling and submitting PAN application form wherein the applicant should select the correct category.

Can I have my mother’s name printed on PAN card?

The Income Tax Department has amended the rules concerning applications for new PAN card. As per the new regulations, providing father’s name is optional for individual PAN card applicants having single mothers. However, before the rule was implemented, giving father’s name was mandatory for all the individual applicants. The new rule came into effect since December 2018 wherein a provision has been given in the application form asking the applicant whether he or she wishes to apply for PAN by furnishing the mother’s name instead of father’s name. That is, the applicant must tick the right box for the section stating ‘Select the name of either father or mother which you may like to be printed on PAN card’. In case no option is provided then PAN card will be issued with father’s name.

Can we change PAN card sign?

Any kind of correction in PAN card details like change of signature can be done easily by the online facility by Alankit. This involves filling and submitting the PAN card change form. The applicants should proceed to fill in relevant details like full name, details of parents (in case of individual applicants), date of birth, gender, etc. Then, they must select the box which reads ‘signature mismatch’. They must also provide their current PAN in the relevant box ‘Permanent Account Number’ (PAN). Alternatively, applicants can opt for a paperless method to change their PAN card sign by simply providing a digital signature or uploading a photo of the same along with applicant’s photograph and other documents, as required. The supporting documents required for change in signature include passport, Aadhaar card, elector’s photo identity card, person of Indian origin (PIO) card or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card issued by government of India, etc.

How can I change my photo in PAN card?

The PAN is an important identity proof for taxpayers and should contain only authentic details which include the recent passport-sized photograph. In case PAN holders want to update their photograph, they will be required to fill and submit the pan card correction form. Using the online facility by Alankit Limited, they can change their photo in PAN card in just a few easy steps. After duly filling, signing and submitting the form, applicants must attach two recent passport-sized photographs along with the acknowledgement form which they will receive after submission of application and payment of fees. The supporting documents required for change in photo include passport, Aadhaar card, elector’s photo identity card, Photo identity card issued by Central or State Government or any Public Sector Undertaking, etc. The dimensions of the PAN card photo should be 3.5 cm X 2.5 cm or 132.28 pixels X 94.49 pixels.

Is it necessary to change address in PAN?

A PAN card serves as a crucial identity proof. Hence, all the PAN details given by the PAN holder should be authentic. In case an applicant’s changes his or her address, the same should be updated in the PAN details immediately. A valid PAN card is required for citizens and entities in India and outside India who wish to engage in financial transactions. Hence, they should consider making essential changes or rectifications in their PAN details, whenever the need arises, as it can otherwise further delay the documentation or bank related process which will take place on the basis of their PAN card.

How long does it take to correct PAN card?

The online facility provided by Alankit makes the process of corrections in PAN card details extremely easy and quick. After the successful submission of the PAN applications, applicants receive an SMS mentioning the date of delivery of the PAN card. Once the PAN details are updated, the Permanent Account Number is issued within five working days by the Income Tax Department and applicants can expect to receive the PAN card within 15 to 20 business days. They can also track their applications status simply by using the 15-digit unique acknowledgment number given to them after 3 or 4 days of application.

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