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NSR Registration - National Skills Registry

National Skills Registry (NSR) is a NASSCOM initiative to have a strong and reliable information repository about all employees working in different industries. National Skills Registry (NSR) registration is an online set-up that is managed by NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) on behalf of NASSCOM.

NSR registration process works on the following principles:-

  • Right to register
  • Right to declare information
  • One person- one profile
  • Information certification
  • Right to share information

NASSCOM has taken up this initiative of developing a national database of registered and verified workforce for its member companies as "National Skills Registry (NSR)". Detailed list of data-fields including the profile of a professional is only available at this link - https://nationalskillsregistry.com/checklist . As far as privacy is concerned, only you and your employer/company authorized by you can access the data

To create an NSR profile and completing the NSR registration, there are a few documents required, like an acknowledged form with passport size photograph, proof of identity ( DL, PAN, Voter Id, Passport etc.) and registration fee (approx. 400 Rs).

NSR India is a web-based system hosting a fact sheet of information about existing and prospective employees of IT & ITeS / BPO industries in India. NSR system provides an online technology platform using which companies can set-up request for getting background check done. This is a security best practice for the industry which will reduce the cost of repetitive background checks on professionals, assure identity security, promote industry's claim for a bigger share of global business which further enhances the image of those industries and employers.

Frequently Asked Questions About NSR

NASSCOM has engaged the services of NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) for creating, operating and maintaining the NSR. NDML is a subsidiary of NSDL-the first depository in India.
Factsheets about individuals include personal details such as educational qualifications and work experience and a photograph as provided by the person. Registered professionals or participating companies authorized by individuals can order for verification of the information provided.
Only the individual, his/her present employer and authorized companies can have access to data entered into the system.
Once an individual is registered in the system, he/she can obtain an identification number called the ITPIN for access to his/her profile on the database. Individuals may authorize any entity such as a prospective employer to view their profile or information on the system.
Yes, subscribers can exit the system any time they choose to.
Irrespective of an individual’s employment status, he/she can register on the database and have their resume credentials verified.
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