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With its tremendous expertise in the financial market over the years, Alankit has now entered the domain of foreign exchange and is offering all services related to Forex. Banking upon its years of experience and proficiency in the industry, Alankit is emerging out to be a strong competitive player in the market comprising of other Forex leaders. With its advanced mechanisms in place and conceptualizing of new ideas of serving the potential forex customers in an easier and improved manner, Alankit stands as a fast-growing name here as well.

Alankit strives to be the ultimate medium for individuals and professional entities to help them to buy, sell or transfer foreign currencies at competitive rates in a hassle-free manner. Alankit provides the most credible range of forex solutions including currency exchange, forex card, traveler cheque, travel insurance, wired transfers, demand drafts among others. The company works continually to excel in the field, making things better and simpler for its customers.

Why Us?

  1. Transparent & Secure - Alankit Forex displays real time currency rates and its conversion process are completely transparent and thus, facilitates completely safe and secure dealing for its customers.
  2. Reliable - With advanced features like live tracking and updates, streamlined processes and reputed partner associates, the company makes it for a completely reliable source for individuals and entities alike to exchange currency at ease.
  3. Convenient - The number of facilities offered by the company are all centered around in making the procuring of currency, making payment etc. all utmost convenient for its clients so as to always be the preferred one stop choice for all things forex for majority of travelers.
  4. Best Competitive Value - With a wide network of connections with all recognized banks and forex companies around, we provide the customers with the best available competitive rates/ currency value in the market at any given point of time.
  5. Swift & Easy Solutions - Our speed and efficiency when it comes to our service, commitment to delivery and going that extra mile to educate our customers is almost incomparable in the industry and that’s what gets us that edge over other players.

We believe easy accessibility is the key to thrive for every business and in turn make its service towards clients and associates valuably relevant.

We welcome everyone reaching out to us with open arms and a positive outlook always!

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