AI-IoT - A Powerful Combination for Transforming FinTech | Article by Mr. Ankit Agarwal Managing Director, Alankit Ltd. |
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AI-IoT A Powerful Combination for Transforming FinTech

MD Article July 2022 Jul 12, 2022

Two informatics handles that are at present going through fast transformative progression are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Since AI and IoT are correlative fields, the synergy between them unbelievably redesigns the capacities of each and every element; one doesn’t see the competition for resources that they may ordinarily anticipate. The simplest way to understand it is that AI operates best with vast amounts of data, while IoT devices are the epitome hotspots for providing the necessary data streams.

Coalescing AI and IoT will take things to the next level by helping businesses use data in a way that’s never been done before. The combination of AI and IoT is a hit because IoT helps digitalise the physical world, while AI solutions make it easy to process and analyse a huge volume of data in less time.

AI and IoT in FinTech are deployed for a wide array of purposes: lending decision-making, customer support, fraud detection, credit risk assessment, insurance, wealth management, and much more. Modern FinTech companies adopt AI for enhanced efficiency, improvised precision levels, and high-speed query resolution.

AI in FinTech drives innovation, leading to personalised, fast, and secure services with advanced customer satisfaction and global reach. So artificial intelligence in financial markets is here to stay!

When used with artificial intelligence, the Internet of things will deliver long-term results to organisations and factories in several industries. A business from any sector can use IoT and AI for innovation, risk management, and operational efficiency.

About The Author
Ankit Agarwal Managing Director Alankit Limited

Mr. Ankit Agarwal, the Managing Director of Alankit Limited, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Mr. Ankit has an exceptional track record in the field of Finance, Accounting, Process Enhancement, Liaising, and Coordination, as well as Research activities.

Under his leadership, Alankit has become a globally recognised organisation. With more than 13 years of experience as a market analyst and visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Ankit has led business operations across multiple sectors, from high Tech to Government and Fintech sectors.

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