National Insurance – Policy Repository (NIR)

With the launch of National Insurance – Policy Repository (NIR) services by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA), policyholders can now enjoy the comfort of storing all insurance policies electronically under a single electronic insurance account or e-insurance account (eIA) without any cost. You can open your e-insurance account with us and keep all your insurance policies under one umbrella, from anywhere across the world.

Key Highlights :

• Provision for policyholders to record their policies electronically, a single electronic insurance account for all insurance policies.
• To keep track of the policies in a structured manner through free e-insurance account.
• Single point of service for updating and managing details making it easier, faster and more reliable.
• No risk of loss & damage of physical records and and facilitation of common Know your customer (KYC) norms.
• Transparency in maintaining the various policies as details are readily available.

Benefits and Ease to Policyholders :

a) eIA Servicing
b) Single request for contact details updation
c) Premium alerts & payment for all insurers
d) Increased number of service touch points
e) Consolidated insurance statement