Attestation of Documents

All the documents intended to be used in Singapore or any other country requires legalization which is generally known as attestation or authentication. An individual can submit his/her original documents or documents of blood relations for attestation. All original documents requiring attestation should first be authenticated by the designated authorities of the State/Union Territory from where the document has been issued.

There are two types of certificates- Educational and Non-educational certificates. Getting these certificates attested is a chain process and there are a number of steps involved in the said process. The procedure and duration can vary from time to time dependng upon the rules as assigned in India.

Purpose for attestation of Educational Documents:

• To obtain an employment visa/ labor Card for most of the designations
• To pursue Higher Education
• To write MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Department of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, etc
• To get the equivalent certificates

Purpose for attestation of Non- Educational Documents:

• To obtain residence visa for wife, children, in-laws
• For the admission of child in the school (via Transfer Certificate)
• For Power of Attorney
      • To get the right to sell properties in India
      • For the removal of LLC partnership provided partner in India does not wish to extend the partnership
• To get the experience certificate attested
(Required by doctors, nurses, pharmacist, lab technician etc to write the MOH and DOH)

Procedure for Educational/ Non-Educational Documents

i) All Educational/Non-Educational Documents to be attested by Delhi State (SDM)
ii) Submit the original documents duly attested by SDM Delhi to Indian Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi
iii) The Indian Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi will Apostile the documents

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